Where Tall Pines Meet Blue Sky

by Gary Hawkins, June 26, 2018 

One of our favorite campgrounds in Southern California is at Table Mountain in the Angeles National Forest. We had timed our visit to coincide with ARRL Field Day and had been able to snag one of our favorite spots, Site #10. Table Mountain Campground offers well-separated sites, particularly at the top and bottom of the campground, and clean and tidy vault toilets. Firewood is available for purchase on site.

Xaria lost absolutely no time getting down in the dirt on our arrival. Within a couple of hours, she was covered from head to toe and required a complete change of clothes before going out to dinner.

We have been invited by our friend and local bluegrass musician, Rick, to join him for dinner at his uniquely designed house in Wrightwood. We had first met Rick and his wife, Nancy, at the campground three years earlier. Even though Rick is the first to admit he seldom cooks, we had a wonderful meal of grilled chicken, corn on the cob and salad. I'm sure Nancy would have been proud, she sadly passed away last summer.

Rick alberson with Yafei and Xaria in Wrightwood, CA

On Saturday morning, we visited one of the amateur radio groups that operate annually for Field Day. This year they were operating with the call sign W6FD, and having set up the 3-element beam they let me open the proceedings. I had a fun ninety minutes working a massive pileup of stations, and it was great to catch up with John (WA6TQT) and his friends.  Xaria was excited to see Uncle John but missed Scamp the terrier.

Setting Up a 3-Element Beam for ARRL field Day 2018

Setting Up the 3-element Beam Antenna

Dad on the Radio during ARRL Field Day 2018

Dad Working 20m During ARRL Field Day

In the afternoon, we decided to do some off-roading along the Blue Ridge Truck Trail ending up at Guffy campground. Xaria slept for most of the journey, waking up just in time to catch the final fantastic views towards Mount Baden-Powell.

On the Blue Ridge Truck Trail, Angeles National Forest, CA

After another quick change of clothes, it was off to the Red Barn Opry in Wrightwood to see Rick and his friend Bob open the event with a couple of bluegrass numbers.  Then we settled down to some good old country rock and roll.

This event runs annually and was well attended by over two hundred people. We finished the evening with a wonderful meal at the Grizzly Cafe, then headed back to the campground where Yafei got some great pictures of the sunset and Xaria spent her first night sleeping under canvas.

Sunset at Table Mountain Campground, Angeles National Forest

We took a slow and easy start to Sunday morning, enjoying coffee and a cooked breakfast.

Breakfast at Table Mountain Campground, Angeles National Forest, CA

Breakfast Between the Big Pines

Xaria then decided to invent a new kind of hat - I think this one might be a keeper!

Xaria Invents A New Hat

Having packed up camp, we made one final stop in Wrightwood where we enjoyed homemade ice cream, and then Xaria demolished a large lollipop. 

Icecrean in Whightwood, CA

Enjoying Icecream In Wrightwood

 Xaria Enjoying Herself in Wrightwood, CA

 One Happy Girl

With so much sugar I'm surprised she slept on the way home but by the time we hit I-15 she was out for the count.  The end of another fantastic adventure in the Angeles National Forest.

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