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by Gary, 20th May 2019

After what seems like an age of preparation, our long-term travels have begun. Our first adventure is a ten week trip to England.  We will spend time in Buckinghamshire, the New Forest, the Lake District, South Wales, and the West Country.  If everything goes to plan, we will do four housesits, two Airbnb, and stay with friends twice.  It should be a wonderful adventure, and we'll be living Dad's new travel book, A Life Redesigned.

Checking in at LAX Airport

 Checking in at LAX Airport

The flight over to England was pretty good.  It's been a long since I've flown with Virgin Atlantic and to be honest it was pretty comfortable considering we were in basic economy.  A glass of complimentary Champaign was much appreciated as well.

Crossing the pond on Virgin Atlantic VS0008

One of the advantages of traveling with a youngster (and there aren't that many) is often being fast-tracked in the arrivals.  And so it was in London Heathrow, and soon we were heading through customs with our luggage.  We limited ourselves to two 50lbs suitcases, the car seat, and two backpacks containing personal electronics, medicines and a change of clothes in case the luggage went astray.  Not bad for ten weeks of travel, but I'm hoping we can shave a few more pounds off this for later adventures.  

Xaria just loves trying to push the luggage - London Heathrow Airport

That Girl is Just Determined to Push the Luggage!

Our first housesit was in the small town of Prince Risborough in Buckinghamshire, less than an hour from the airport and foot of the Chiltern Hills.  We were sitting a one-year-old lab called Willow, belonging to Marie-France and Mark.  I cannot say enough about how welcome we were made, and how beautiful is their house, gardens and surroundings area.  Willow has a great temperament and it was soon clear he and Xaria were going to be very best friends (at least while Willow refrained from kissing her). 

Getting to know Willow and his owners

Getting to Know Willow - Gary and Mark Chat About the House

We spent a wonderful two hours chatting with Marie-France and Mark before they headed to the airport and their vacation in Spain.  Marie-France's orange sponge cake was to die for, and English tea refreshing after the long journey.

After Marie-France and Mark left, Xaria was in tears when we had to separate her from Willow to do a little supply shopping at Tesco. However, she was all smiles again when we got back and took Willow for his evening walk.  The countryside around the house is truly spectacular, and everything so green and lush.  Days like this can really make you miss England.

Xaria and Yafei in the Glorious Buckinghamshire Countryside

The Girls Enjoying the Late Evening Sunshine

My new best friend - Willow

Willow, Our New Best Friend

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