Our First Teardrop

by Gary Hawkins, February 5, 2015

Facing a long road trip back across the country with our newly born daughter, Xaria, we thought a teardrop camper would provide us better changing and feeding facilities while on the road.

We had fallen in love with the idea of a teardrop in 2014 after visiting a nostalgic rally in England. Easy to store at home and a big step towards "glamping," which certainly appeals more the older you get!

We were all set to purchase a Little Guy T@G, when by chance I came across an eBay advert for a Little Guy 5 Wide in the Fox Toyota dealership in Clinton, TN, just 30 miles up the road from where we were staying in Loudon. The stars must have aligned, my Toyota 4runner needed a service after the road trip out, and this teardrop was very unusual. I arrived at the dealership for service, told the floor manager I was bidding on their teardrop, and they seemed pretty excited by the prospect of finally getting it off the showroom floor.

Two hours later I was the proud owner; I purchased a ball-hitch and lock, and I was on my way. Driving forward was simple enough, but when I got back to our rented house I realized reversing was considerably more challenging! Back and forth I went trying to get the teardrop up the steep driveway. Fortunately, our neighbor soon took pity on me and offered to reverse it in. The neatly parked large fishing boat in his driveway suggested he knew what he was doing.

Our first teardrop - 5 wide Littleguy

As I said earlier, this teardrop was unusual; being wrapped in a vinyl graphic boldly advertizing Yuengling beer.  The dealership believed twenty-three such teardrops had been given away as part of a 2012 Ohio promotion for the said beer.  The owner of this one apparently only used it a couple of times, and then he traded it in for a car.  It had been on the showroom floor ever since. Underneath, it was a basic Little Guy 5 Wide, fitted with an optional two-burner stove, and retrofitted for a shore power and solar connection.  I added a spare wheel as soon as I got it home.

Littleguy 5 wide with graphic package for Yuengling Beer Giveaway.

According to Wikipedia, "D. G. Yuengling & Son is the oldest operating brewing company in the United States, established in 1829. It is one of the largest breweries by volume in the country. Based on sales in 2011, Yuengling tied with the Boston Beer Company, maker of Samuel Adams brands, as the largest American-owned brewery. Its headquarters are in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, operating two Pennsylvania facilities and one in Tampa, Florida."

One fine looking teardrop - Little Guy Worldwide 5 Wide with Yuengling graphics

"That's One Fine Looking Teardrop Camper"

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