34 Degrees and All is Well

by Gary Hawkins, April 20, 2015

Our first camping trip with Xaria was to be to Cuyamaca Rancho State Park - she would be just eleven weeks old. Only thirty miles from our home in San Diego it offers great camping and hiking through oaks, pines and lovely meadows with creeks.  Shortly before we left, we realized we need a little more storage space.  After visiting the new Tractor Supply store in Ramona, the front carrier came off, and a lockable, aluminum, storage box added.

Additional storage added to our teardrop

We picked the Paso Picacho campground as this seemed to offer better trailer parking than the nearby Green Valley campsite. First time out we did not want to be dealing with any tight parking situations.

Paso Picacho sits at an elevation of 5,000 feet in the Cuyamaca Mountains in the shadow of Stonewall Peak (a peak I know well from previous years hiking). It has 85 campsites; we were in Site #11.

A cold day camping at Cuyamaca State Park

Mid-April in the Cuyamaca area can still be cold and this weekend proved to be no exception. Afternoon temperatures barely creep into the sixties, and at night they plummet to around freezing.

If we had been tent camping, I can't imagine Sophia would have agreed to come with Xaria. However, the teardrop will stay nice and warm at night. Sophia and Xaria share the teardrop - I pitch a tent nearby. For one, I toss and turn at night and secondly the queen-sized bed in the teardrop seems just a little too cozy for three!

You might think camping with an eleven week old is pretty crazy, but it turned out to be straightforward enough. Xaria's needs are pretty simple - keep me warm, keep me fed and let me nap a lot!

Keeping Xaria wrapped up from the cold - Cuyamaca Rancho State Park

Since this was our first camping trip a few items got forgotten but nothing we could not work around. It was evident for future trips it would be worth using a packing list (something I'm sure I'll address in another post).

On our final day, we took a stroll around Cuyamaca Lake. It was bitterly cold near the water but keeping everyone wrapped up kept smiles on their faces.

Xaria and Gary at Cuyamaca Lake 

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