Three Months in a Carry-On

I've talked about overpacking a couple of times before, particularly relating to our England trip last year. So as we prepared to leave on our three-month adventure to New Zealand and the Cook Islands, I decided to make an effort. Partially, in the hope that it would also inspire Yafei to travel leaner and meaner. Not that's she's a poor packer, but there's always room for improvement.

Too Much Luggage trying to live A Life Redesigned

I Don't Want to be Hauling This Amount Again!

So my final packing list, which fits in a carry-on that will be checked, consisted of the following:

  • A pair of lightweight walking boots;
  • 7 pairs socks;
  • 7 pairs underpants;
  • 3 regular undershirts;
  • A set of wool thermals;
  • 4 wicking undershirts;
  • 2 long sleeve hiking tops;
  • 2 golf shirts;
  • 2 pairs hiking pants (these convert to shorts);
  • 1 hiking jacket and one fleece to layer;
  • A pair of rain pants;
  • A lightweight rain jacket;
  • A beanie;
  • A pair of insulated gloves;
  • Two pairs of swimming trunks;
  • Two hankies

Plus, the clothes I'm wearing on the plane, and a small army-style backpack (that doubles as a hiking pack) destined for carry-on packed with:

  • Two laptop computers - one acts as a tablet and a computing device for Yafei;
  • Travel documents;
  • Battery toothbrush;
  • Medicines;
  • Toileties including deodorant, aloe, sunblock, Deet, nail clippers and Neosporin;
  • Phone and laptop chargers;
  • USB/Ethernet adaptor, plus Ethernet cable;
  • Lithium top-up battery for phone;
  • Joy's Amazon Fire;
  • Drinking bottle;
  • Sunglasses;
  • Earplugs;
  • Headphones;
  • Small medical pack;
  • Tiny LED torch;
  • Small Multi-gadget tool;
  • Snacks for the plane.

Pretty Pleased with That!

Now, if the girls can keep their packing to one regular and one carry-on sized suitcase we should be golden.  Next time, we're aiming for just three carry-one sized pieces of luggage.

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