Discussing A Life Redesigned

By Gary Hawkins

I had my first book presentation at IvyMax 飛達教育, San Diego, CA on October 27th, 2019.  An enthusiastic crowd turned up and proved to be very engaged in the topic.  Below are several video excerpts from the presentation, and pictures of some of the guests that received signed copies of the book.

Discussing Regrets We Might Have When We Get Old

Our Goals for Long-Term Travel

 Financial Aspects for A Life Redesigned

Thanks go out to all those that attended - it's always great to speak in front of an engaged audience that has lots of questions.

Book signing for A Life Redesigned

Book signing for A Life Redesigned

If your San Diego county-based company is looking for a lunchtime speaker, I'd be happy to come along and talk about alternate lifestyles. I'm also available to talk with local non-profits, libraries or similar organizations. Contact me via the tab at the bottom of this page.

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