54th San Diego Annual Local Author Showcase

Thrilled to attend the 54th San Diego Annual Local Author Showcase Reception Friday, January 31, held at the main San Diego Library. The Local Author program, "highlights the intellectual and creative accomplishments of writers in the San Diego region... with the aim of bringing exposure to local talent and nurture the pursuit of the writing arts in San Diego."

I was one of two hundred authors to have work selected from the nearly four hundred submissions. A complete list of accepted works can be found here.  The exhibit will now tour San Diego County libraries during 2020.

54th San Diego Annual Local Author Showcase. A Life Redesigned

I was fortunate to meet some wonderful fellow authors at the event including John Beaudry who spent eighteen years putting together his beautiful gardening book, 'Garden Sanctuary,' also available on Amazon. John also has a great website at https://www.beaudrydesign.com/.

54th Annual Authors Showcase San Diego

Way to Go John - What Dedication!

If your San Diego county-based company is looking for a lunchtime speaker, I'd be happy to come along and talk about alternate lifestyles. I'm also available to talk with local non-profits, libraries or similar organizations. Contact me via the tab at the bottom of this page.

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